Macie LeLaCheur


Macie is kindhearted, intelligent, and compassionate. She loves Jesus with all her heart and is always learning. She recently led and finished a fundraiser to build an orphanage in India giving 12 kids a home. She makes me feel at home and I’m beyond excited to spend the rest of my life with her.

– Nick

Madison Stanley

Matron of Honor

My sister, friend and Matron of Honor. Madison and I are as opposite as opposite can be in temperament and personality. However, we have always had a very similar sense of humor and I love getting older and finding that we have more in common than I thought… I will always remember years of watching Little House on the Prairie together and playing hide and go seek with our dog Kenzie. I love watching Madison’s little family grow and getting to spend time with the cutest niece and nephew out there.

Morgan Lomasney

Remote Maid of Honor

Morgan is the family that I got to choose for myself. So much of my life and the majority of my childhood memories include her. I will forever be grateful to have a best friend that I share so much in common with and who has been there through every season of life. (I am especially thankful that I did not have to navigate my awkward middle school years alone). I love the fact that we talked about being each other’s Maid of Honor since we were little girls, and it has become a reality. Even though Morgan will not be at the wedding in person because she will be welcoming her first baby, she will forever hold the place as my Maid of Honor.

Allie Quiñonez


Allie is the first friend I made in California. She made LA feel like home when my Midwestern/Southern self felt like a fish out of water. She is one of the most intentional people I know and is always up for anything. I am grateful for every lunch date, thrifting trip, movie night, and Jonas Brothers concert. Allie reminds me to not take myself too seriously and be grateful for the small things in life.

Abri Summerer


Abri was my roommate and best friend at ORU. A lot of my most fun (and funniest) memories are shared with her. Looking back, Abri was my best friend through some of the toughest seasons of my life. But because of her friendship, these years also hold some of my greatest memories like backpacking and spring breaks spent in California, Disney cruises, graduating college, and moving to LA. Even though Abri now lives thousands of miles away, I will always cherish her friendship and call her to geek out about movies, books, and my first love, Hayden Chrsitenson.

Austin LeLaCheur


People may think that it is strange that Austin is included in my bridal party. But I have never been one to care much for tradition and wanted him by my side for my wedding day. Austin and I were close as kids and spent a lot of time building legos, playing video games, watching Spongebob and creating makeshift roller coasters down our basement stairway. As adults, Austin and I have gathered similar, eclectic interests and I appreciate that I learn something new with every conversation I have with him. He will always be my favorite brother.

Scotlyn Smith

Flower Girl

Scotlyn is my kind, funny, sassy niece. She graciously offered to be my makeup artist for the wedding, but we decided on flower girl instead. Scotlyn always makes sure to let everyone around her know how she feels about them with her daily declarations of “I love you.” I adore this sweet, princess–loving girl and am so glad she is going to be a part of our special day.

Eliana Thursby

Flower Girl

Good luck keeping track of Eliana! She’s my spunky, chatty, sweet–hearted niece. She will carry a full on conversation with you about her favorite princesses and unicorns. And her smile will beam and your day will be made.

– Nick


Nicholas Moyer


Nick is my best friend. He is sweet, thoughtful, and has the best laugh I have ever heard. He makes me a better person and he champions the dreams of everyone around him. He is always up for an adventure exploring new cities or hiking to waterfalls. His faith and integrity challenge me daily. I love him and can’t wait to start our lives together.

– Macie

Kellen Moyer

Best Man

My brother, closest in age and closest in relation. Kellen and I share the exact same sense of humor, which I don’t know how to describe. Our childhood consisted of playing music together, cruising on longboards, airsoft wars, and wrestling our way to a broken nose. And today we bond over photography and film gear. I always looked up to him and always enjoyed seeing him succeed even though he picked on me. He was my best friend my whole life and always knew where my halloween candy was. He now saves lives and fights fires. I’m excited to have my lifelong best friend as my best man.

Daniel Moyer


My eldest brother with the most contagious laugh. Dan will always be patient with you and is an outstanding listener. Growing up, we loved to watch Smallville and play Super Smash Bros (he always won). I always envied his ability to draw perfect sketches. And I always enjoyed spending time with him when he would pick me up from school and when we would go to Grandma’s house and have cartoons, ice cream, and zebra cakes. Even though I moved away from San Diego, we make sure to catch up and analyze all the latest Marvel movies.

Sam Craven


You will most likely hear me call him Shem. He is one of the most determined and hardworking individuals I have ever met. As younglings, we played countless hours of guitar together, played in several worship teams, around the Yosemite campfire, and later on played in a band together. He was also the first to take me snowboarding when I broke my wrist. I’m pretty sure he was the first to sign my cast with the largest signature known to man. Shem has always been loyal and recently showed it by flying to LA for a day during his roadtrip with his wife to be a part of my proposal to Macie. Ask him about his Scottish accent.

Cody Underwood


Cody is the friend I could always trust with beating me at every sport. And do it with humility. We have memories at Horizon Elementary playing basketball every recess possible and then we would go to his house to play more basketball. And like most kids we shamelessly lowered the hoop to play dunkball. We also loved the beach. A place to catch some waves, play volleyball, and spikeball. Cody put his heart into everything including his friendships making him trustworthy and dependable. In sports and in life, he made me a better person. Sidenote, almost everything I did with Sam, Cody was there too. It was hard to find us not together. He now wholeheartedly serves in ministry full–time to high school students. Ask him about sponging.

Micah Malinics


Throughout college and beyond, Micah and I found our way to Cane’s or Chick–fil–A. We got our first apartment together, we shared a senior thesis film project, two companies, and today we share an Amazon Prime account. We share several memories making Virgin Islands videos, doing thanksgiving at my parent’s house, roadtrippin to Malibu, and jamming out to Valley. Micah knows how to be present with people. He’s smart, kind, and takes initiative to make sure you’re okay. He also made sure that I had a flight to New York to visit him and explore the city by paying for my flight. We rode bicycles around the city and ate lots of pizza. Ask him about Francesca.

Ezekiel Thursby

Ring Bearer

Ezekiel is my thoughtful, goofy nephew. This little dude will tell you everything he knows about dinosaurs and tractors. He memorizes his Bible verses and adventures with his sister, Eliana. But keep an eye on him because he might shoot you with his nerf gun!